Newborn Photo sessions


£150 – including a 120 minute session and 15 images (colour and black and white)


Optional extras

£10 per additional image (colour and black and white)

£75 to have all of your images set to music and presented in a leatherette DVD case (this can also include any maternity images you had taken with us. We can also add on scan photos and 4D scan footage)


Our photo sessions are relaxed and informal and we try to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. As sessions are conducted primarily at the clients house it is important to have the room quite warm to allow for babies to be undressed comfortably.

We can stop for feeding and changing as necessary and I usually have changing mats to go under the backdrop to catch any accidents. Delays are fine and perfectly normal.  I would rather wait and ensure your baby is settled than try and rush on with the session when it isn't right to.

It is a good idea to dress your baby in loose clothing prior to the session to avoid seam marks on the body.

Feel free to have a few changes of clothes and also any toys or props that you may want to use.

A studio session usually lasts for 90 minutes but if baby needs feeding in between it can go on for longer.


What happens after the session?

After your photo session we will aim to get your viewing gallery up within 2-3 days. Here you will view all of your unedited images which can total up to 100. Please ignore any distractions in the background, imperfections in the skin etc as these will be edited out. If there is anything specific that you would like edited please let us know and we will try to accommodate it.

We ask that you return your selection to us within 2 weeks but if you need longer for any reason please let us know and we can stop the gallery from expiring.

Once you have made your selection we spend time to edit each one individually to perfect it. You will receive each image in both colour and black and white. Once the images are complete we send you the final viewing gallery to approve the photos and your finished photos are put onto a disc for you to collect.