Baby, Toddler, and Family Photo sessions


£100 – including a 60 minute session and 10 images (colour and black and white)


Babies First year £340

Four 60 minute sessions within their first year with 10 images at each session (colour and black and white). Add a DVD slide show to music of all images for £50.

Optional extras

£10 per additional image (colour and black and white)

We have lots of experience with babies, toddlers and children and many tricks to get them to cooperate, if however the children really aren’t enjoying the session then there could be the option of rescheduling.



Babies have short attention spans so we try to work quickly and keep them entertained. Please bring along a few changes of outfit and any props that you might like to use. It is a good idea to dress your baby in loose clothing prior to the session to avoid seam marks on the body.

1-3 Months

As babies at this age can’t sit up we tend to use tummy time and prop up with pillows for some nice portraits.

4-6 Months

Possibly sitting unaided by this age we are able to get some beautiful shots as their expressions and personalities are coming into their own.

7 – 9 Months

Usually sitting and possibly crawling at this age capture some pictures of their first attempts to crawl and move around, possibly capturing some of their first teeth as well.

10 – 12 Months

A great time to get some photos of their first steps, their growing personalities and to celebrate their very first birthday.

With children we like to keep our sessions fun and relaxed to ensure that we get the best pictures on the day. We don’t make children do anything that they don’t want to. It is a good idea to have some of their favourite toys to hand and non messy snacks and we will snap away while they play.

For family shots we like to get a mix of fun energetic shots and also natural shots. If you have any ideas that you would like to email or bring along on the day please feel free.

When choosing clothes for the sessions try to think how you will look as a family, using similar tones and colours will help and plainer clothes tend to make a nice picture. Please also consider any watches, jewellery and nail polish as these can’t always be edited after. We will have time to do a couple of changes with babies and small children but please no there are no changing facilities for adults.


What happens after the session?

After your photo session we will aim to get your viewing gallery up within 24 hours. Here you will view all of your unedited images which can total up to 100. Please ignore any distractions in the background, imperfections in the skin etc as these will be edited out. If there is anything specific that you would like edited please let us know and we will try to accommodate it.

We ask that you return your selection to us within 2 weeks but if you need longer for any reason please let us know and we can stop the gallery from expiring.

Once you have made your selection we spend time to edit each one individually to perfect it. You will receive each image in both colour and black and white. Once the images are complete we send you the final viewing gallery to approve the photos and your finished photos are put onto a disc for you to collect.