Matthew Porter | Photographer ... and more!

My job as a photographer is just to stand a press a button, or rather to stand and press a button with the right settings, right lighting and right composition isn't it?  For me the answer is no!

I think my job is to keep you relaxed, get you smiling, make you laugh, keep you calm if the kids are pulling silly faces and generally help you have fun.  At a wedding this is even more important and I see while I am there to take photos, if there is an opportunity to make you day a little less stressful, and a little more fun then I will do it.  This has included tying all the cravats for the groom and his groomsmen, untangling bridesmaids necklaces, and my personal favourite, being chief monster scarer to help the brides daughter go in the bathroom to get ready. 

I'd like to think that these things have helped in some small way.

So where did it all start.

My passion for photography began when my eldest daughter was born.  It took me a while to learn and perfect my skills, but in due course I was successful in qualifying as a licentiate member of the Society for Wedding and Portrait Photographers.  This was a moment of personal achievement for me, to know that I had taught myself well enough to have my images judged and recognised by a panel of top photographers.

Producing images that are loved by the my clients gives me great satisfaction, and so whether I am photographing a wedding, a newborn or a family, my aim is to produce a set of photographs that perfectly capture the moment and bring a smile to your face.  Sometimes this takes a lot of patience, which luckily I have.